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Anyone at anytime can grow their business no matter what condition it is when they start their journey of growth. That's not a wish - that is a truth. We specialize in Founder- and Entrepreneur-led businesses because it takes one to know one. As a Founder- and Entrepreneur-led business, we know the glory of victory, agony of failure and the amazing roller coaster in between.                              You are just one click away to putting your business on the fast-track to success. 



Discover who we are, what we do and why we love to do it! 



You’ve found your partner to take it the next level! 


I COULD WRITE A WHOLE LOT OF MARKETING SPEAK HERE TO TRY TO IMPRESS you.                                              WOULD THAT REALLY INSPIRE YOU?                                                                           WOULD YOU KNOW WHY MY CLIENTS ENGAGE ME?                                     WOULD YOU TRULY KNOW - KATHLEEN WOOD? 

If my 4 decades of business, brand and leadership experience has taught me anything, it is to keep things simple and be direct. There is a link to my bio at the end of this section, as well as case studies of success on this website.

However, are you really going to click “contact us” based on my bio and case studies?  If yes, that's awesome—thank you! Perhaps what would be better is if I provided you with four reasons why clicking “contact us” will be the best decision you can make for your business:

  1. I am passionate about my work and the people I work with.  

  2. I am an entrepreneur who understands the joy of victory and the agony of failure.  I know what it feels like to have the pressure of payroll, taxes, debt, and family & friends with unlimited amounts of feedback.  I also know what it feels like to look at your business with joy and love. More than that, I know what the entire roller coaster in between feels like, because I live it every day too.  

  3. I am an expert in what I do, not because I say so, but because of my results. I think about my expertise like a world-class hospital;  if your life were on the line, would you go to your local doctor who might have some experience in your ailment, or would you choose the Mayo Clinic because they have seen your ailment thousands of times?  I have had the privilege and experience to work with hundreds of businesses.  Its why I deliver direct, practical and proven results.

  4. I believe good people should have every opportunity to transform their vision into reality. Growing a business requires a tremendous amount effort and fortitude.  In my experience, the greatest ingredient is faith... supported by amazing people, plans and brands.  

If you are ready to transform your business, leadership and brand, you are ready to "contact us."  Go for it—one small step for you and one giant leap for your business.




  • We believe in your vision
  • We believe in your business
  • We believe in you!


  • PURPOSE - We believe in the American Dream
  • VISION - To be world-class trusted advisors in transforming visions to realities
  • MISSION - We specialize in strategic growth, brand optimization and leadership development.


  • Faith Conquers Fear
  • Fail Forward Magnificently
  • Strive for Excellence Every Way and Every Day


  • Never Compromise Our Values


  • Boldness – Stand tall with courage in our beliefs.
  • Integrity – Be honest, direct and caring.
  • Love – Stay mindful that everything we create, we create in love.