Brand Building

Create An Unstoppable Brand

Creating and growing an unstoppable brand requires defining key elements for success! Kathleen Wood Partners offers solutions to address the critical ingredients for building competitive brands and building sustainable sales.

Brand Architecture Session - Identifying Your Competitive Strengths to Win:

In this two-day action packed beginning to end strategic brand session we will explore, address and define:

Why use it:
  • To clearly identify what is the essence of a brand.

  • To better understand the relationship between the brand and its consumer both intrinsically and competitively.

  • To define the core and the future vision of the brand.

What it is:
  • An architecture captures what we know to be true and meaningful about the brand today, and creates a vision for the brand to live up to in the future.

  • An architecture allows us to recognize and record the rational and the emotional, the literal and the conceptual-and how they ladder from one to the other.

  • An architecture is a brand framework, keeping all of us true to its meaning. Whether we're creating new services, advertising or promotions, the brand architecture gives us our starting point and guidelines from which to develop.

What it's not:
  • An architecture is not a positioning statement. While your positioning can evolve to stay current with the world around us, the architecture should be somewhat timeless.

  • An architecture is not a creative strategy. At any given time, our creative strategy is dependent upon our business objectives, our competitive environment, and current consumer behavior and perceptions of our brand.

  • But the brand architecture is our palette. It tells us what elements we have to draw from in responding to the environment around us.

 Why it works:
  • It Develops important ways to communicate your brand and brand values to your customers and other key stakeholders.

  • It Defines positioning, differentiation, competitive advantage.

  • Clarifying your brand architecture drives marketing, sales, and inspires employees.