Making Dim Sum


30 Days to Build Your Bottom Line
Big Business Consulting for Small Business Affordability for just $1899.00 per month
Business Conference

7 P’s for Profitability Action Plan

  •  Identify All Areas of Opportunities

  • Close the Leaks in Your Profits

  • Differentiate Between Profit Drivers and Profit Robbers

Business Discussion

Increase Your Connectivity to Increase Your Sales

  • Build Your Power Grid of Connection for Sales

  •  Develop Your Path for Brand and Business to Expand Your Network 

  • Create Specific Target Areas for Sales Development 

Business Plan

 Make Labor Work for You 

  • Leverage Your Schedule for Success and Retention

  • Increase Your Team’s Productivity

  • Leverage Your Labor for Building Sales and Profits 

You can’t keep raising prices to keep ahead it time to plan to be profitable! 

Develop Your Action Plan for the 7 P’s for Profitability:

  • Product

  • Preparation

  • Production

  • Portion

  •  Presentation

  • Packaging

  • Price 

Bonus – P - Promotion:
-    How to Increase Your Sales by Firing Up Your Network 
-    4 Key Moves to Make Your Labor Work for You versus Against You


provides you the tools and resources to move the needle on your profitability. In this package you will work directly with KWP consultants to develop your success path to impact your profitability. All of KWP’s products, resources, and tools are developed by operators for operators.  KWP has been growing successful businesses for over two decades with proven paths for success! 

Stop worrying, struggling, and starting moving your profitability to new levels of success today!