Business Development

Strategy Session Workshop

Your company has what it takes to be successful. We will help you rediscover your strategic purpose and competitive differentiation and align you in a way that immediately explodes your sales growth. In this focused, two-day strategy session, we can help you:

  • Calibrate your Vision and Direction

  • Analyze Organization and Business Development Opportunities

  • Present Options for Growth

  • Develop a Practical Course of Action

  • Agree upon timeline for next steps and deliverables                              

Retained Consulting Support

Shifting a company from one position to the next, whether it be in growth or turn around, requires support. Over the years we have worked with clients to support them through our retained consulting support. This includes, however not limited to, the following activities:

  • Monthly or Quarterly Strategy Meetings - leading, directing or facilitating strategy meetings to achieve plan and deliver results

  • Executive Assignment - Filling an Executive Position in the company

  • Executive Team Development - Supporting the CEO or President in the development of their team

  • Turnaround Assignments - Actively engaging in turning around companies or franchises

ASAP - Accelerated Strategic Action Planning

This intense multi-session process is designed to deliver a strategic plan for accelerated growth. Our planning process is not long and drawn out - it is focused, direct and results-oriented. 
The core of the planning process is based upon our proprietary consulting platform - The Power of One. After decades of researching and working with teams and companies in multiple industries we have been able to codify a model of success.

The Power of One consulting platform is based upon this model to deliver clarity and alignment of a company's strategy to its ability to execute. The premise is actually quite simple; the process is the ultimate platform to become unstoppable in growth, expansion and profitability.

Project Consulting Services

There are times when a company needs a consulting partner to support their efforts with a specific project. Kathleen Wood Partners has the ability to take on specific assignments relative to:

  • Strategy Development

  • Marketplace Positioning

  • Competitive Differentiation

  • New Market Strategy