Company / Team Development

Build a team / organization for competitive greatness

Competitive Greatness is achieved when you have a team and organization that are clear about your vision, mission, culture and values.

Kathleen Wood Partners, we offer three proven services to help you achieve competitive greatness.
1) Team Development for Achieving more by Doing Less
2) Organizational Performance Indicator Report

Team Development For Achieving More By Doing Less

Your team wants to succeed. They want to be a part of something great. Why isn't it happening? What is the block, obstacle, history or culture preventing your good team from being great? It's time for a catalyst. And it's one thing for you to try and breathe this new life into your team on your own. It's another for them to hear the facts from a fresh voice.

Kathleen Wood Partners has led successful team facilitations with some of the biggest internationally-known organizations across multiple industries. We collaborate with you to come prepared with clear objectives and expected outcomes. We cut the time from group to team with key takeaways, practical timelines and diligent follow-up to make sure your team achieves greatness.

Kathleen Wood Partners works with teams to:

  • Cut through all the drama, clutter and crap that slows a team and company down.
  • Define roles through decision-making levels, responsibility levels and inclusion levels not just titles and job descriptions.
  • Develop team guidelines for new and existing team members around problem solving, conflict resolution, and constructive feedback.
  • Clarify the team's vision for success, its direction and the outcomes it is looking to achieve in the short-term and long-term.

Organizational Performance Indicator Report™

Has your organization been through reductions, layoffs, reconfigurations and other re-engineering processes? Are you wondering what to do next to create more efficiency and effectiveness in your organization? When is the last time you checked your organization's competencies and capabilities relative to its ability to deliver results in a competitive marketplace?

The Organizational Performance Indicator Report™ is designed to provide company leadership with an immediate baseline assessment of its organizational effectiveness. The report focuses on four essential performance indicators: corporate, operational, cultural, and customer.

The report is developed through a process highlighting four primary activities: interviewing, objective analysis, operational visits, and surveys.

A final Organizational Performance Indicator Report™ is developed upon the conclusion of the process and includes an executive summary, an overview of results, highlights of significant findings and a minimum of three recommendations for next steps.