Consulting Services

Size doesn't matter. Results do. At Kathleen Wood Partners we grow small companies into large companies, develop good companies into great companies, and turn struggling companies into successful companies.

We have the ability, flexibility, and capability to work with any company at any stage of their development to accelerate growth, profitability, and success!

Our greatest competitive advantage is that we are not stereotypical consultants. We take assignments because of the thrill, challenge or the opportunity to work with great people.

We are practitioners who know theory versus theorists who have never practiced. We provide solutions and strategies that we would use ourselves.

We have a long history of companies, organizations, associations and individuals who have significantly benefited by partnering with Kathleen Wood Partners.

Our assignments range from large billion dollar companies to a founder with an idea. Our clients cut across multiple industries and segments. This includes restaurants, manufacturing, corrections and healthcare.

We believe - great companies - great leaders - make more money - we deliver results!