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Leadership Accelerator Program

Confident Businesswoman

The Leadership Accelerator Program is a custom leadership development program to accelerate the growth of your business through the development of leaders. This impacts the business in terms of positive performance, recruitment and r

Leadership  Accelerator Program 

6 - 12 - or 18 month Interactive Program Developed Exclusively for emerging restaurant groups 

  • Experienced Instructors 

  • Keynote- Worthy Lessons 

  • Consultant Level Coaching

  • Branded Content from Lessons

Focuses on Accountability to drive Results 

How it Works!
Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 7.16.35 PM.png
At the Office
What have been some of the results?
  1. Fully Staffed Management Teams 
  2. Fully Staffed Restaurant Teams 
  3. Lowest Hourly Turnover Rate in Company History
  4. Outperforming Operational and Financial Targets
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