Facilitation Services

Do you need a cost-effective catalyst to ignite your executives, your team or your company? Kathleen Wood Partners brings over 30 years of experience consulting to accomplished organizations and business leaders. Shift to Success Facilitation™ is the ultimate for accelerating the pace at which you can make the effective decisions for creating a competitive advantage, especially during uncertain and changing times.

Shift to Success Facilitation™ is an excellent solution to optimize time and maximize output. It compresses decades of experience and innovative thinking into short highly productive timeframes. Every facilitation session is designed to deliver practical solutions and actionable plans that will shift your team and your company to the next level of success.

What to expect:
  • Clear objectives and outcomes of the session.

  • Identification of any pre- and post work to be accomplished.

  • Development of an agenda to produce positive outcomes.

  • Innovative techniques to promote engagement on all levels.

  • Interactive and high-energy facilitation.

  • Delivery of tangible results.

  • Follow up with key take-a-ways and timelines of next steps.


Who uses Shift to Success Facilitation™?
  • Executive team meetings

  • Strategic planning sessions

  • Large and small groups or teams

  • Inter-department teams

  • Functional teams from sales, marketing, human resources, operations

  • Team-building sessions

  • Off-Sites and Conferences