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Founders, Entrepreneurs and Executives gather to discuss the MOST important topics and solutions for growth. Are you done doing it on your own - are your ready to discuss the secrets, hacks and tips to growing your business. You dont have time for everything in business however successful leaders find time to invest in their most important asset - themselves! Make today the day you stop “doing” everything and invest in “leading and growing” your business!

The Benefits of Membership!

  • Tools - Access to Power Tools - Bi-Weekly Email with Growth Secrets - Webinars for Growth

  • Growth Hacks - Accelerate - Members Only Facebook Page with Kathleen Wood - Live

  • Resources - Time Saving - Expand Your Network other Leaders - Move Further - Faster

  • Access to Small Business Badass Podcasts - Learn from Kathleen’s Network

Growth Forum Membership is PERFECT for

Founders - Entrepreneurs - Executives who are committed to growing their business. Size and Situation DO NOT matter. Kathleen Wood has worked with businesses from start up to billions - companies in growth, transition, turmoil and transformation. There is no business to big or small to benefit from Growth Forum Membership!

Stop investing in “things” to grow your business and make one very easy investment in YOURSELF!

FIND OUT HOW AND WHY - so many of Kathleen’s clients went from start up to fast growing to billion dollar brands. You can spend years trying to DIY it yourself or you can join the GROWTH FORUM! Stop being frustrated, upset and seeing your dream and never realizing it - one click moves you closer to realizing your dream!

Let’s do it - go for it - don’t let another day, month or year pass with you wishing you would have done this - START NOW!

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