ASAP Strategic Planning

  • Bad Planning is Painful  
  • Good Planning is like Checking a Box of BS.
  • Great Planning is Game-Changing.
  • Kathleen Wood Partners are specialists in GREAT PLANNING

We are strategic, focus and drive for innovative thought leadership.  Our process is fast paced and results oriented.  Our results are clear, accurate and achievable.  Don't just move the needle - pull a big lever for success!


ASAP – captures our process

  • Accelerated - Time Efficient
  • Strategic - Clarity of  WHY
  • Achievable - Practical
  • Plans - Three-Year and Annual Plans

ASAP – Delivers the following results:

  • Three-Year Plan Framework - Finance, Operations/Organization, Brand and Growth
  • Annual Operating Plan
  • Department Goals and Objective, Scorecard for Accountability
  • Communication Plan - to promote and deliver inclusion, buy in and engagement. 

Let's plan for your business success NOW! 

"Power of One" Strategy Session

  • Bad Consultants rob time and money
  • Good Consultants create confusion
  • Great Consultants deliver results

Kathleen Wood Partners knows it is hard to tell the difference until you actually work with a consultant. The "Power of One" Strategy Session takes all the guess work out of the decision making process.  

The "Power of One"  |  One Day  |  One Fee  |  One Guarantee.

Either we make an impact and provide a minimum of 3 immediate actions for growth or you get 100% of your fees back! 

It is the prefect solution to prevent wasting hours of time and untold dollars to see what type of consultant you have engaged. 

"Power of ONe" Overview ZERO RISK - 100% REWARD

The "Power of One" is a one day consulting session with Kathleen Wood to clarify:

  • Calibrate Vision and Direction – Mid-Term to Long Term
  • Discuss Organizational Opportunities
  • Discuss Growth Opportunities
  • Review Infrastructure
  • Discuss a Practical Course of Action
  • Provide 3 Significant Action Steps
  • Agree on timeline for next steps and deliverables from Strategy Session

If you are not 100% satisfied with the "Power of One" you will receive 100% of your fees back - guaranteed!