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Bold, Fearless, Inspiring Speaker

Kathleen Wood is a highly regarded business strategist and catalyst for change. Her Bold Leadership that Matters platform is adopted by CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, non-profits, start-ups and turn-arounds. Her direct tough love approach fuels leaders around the globe to take action to shift the trajectory of their organizations.

A remarkable conversationalist, Kathleen’s interactive style combines personal stories with wisdom, wit and energy to ignite audiences to unlock their personal power to transform their businesses. Her presentations provide practical solutions to accelerate what organizations can achieve with Bold Leadership.

Founders, Visionaries and Unicorns

Who is your Albert Einstein? Do you work with a Steve Jobs? These are the utopians. They are visionaries with the courage of their conviction and an unwavering belief in their vision. They were the heart of their business.  

They changed how we think and move us forward in spite of our reticence to believe. Often defined as crazy and unpredictable by co-workers, they firmly believe they are right when no one else does. They disrupt our lives with the audacity to challenge the status quo and take us to new heights.  

Knowing how to recognize, appreciate and leverage working with a leader like this can be an amazing, life changing career opportunity. 

Kathleen Wood enlightens participants by delivering proven tips and techniques for recognizing, understanding and leveraging the unique opportunity to work with founders and visionary leaders. 

This keynote will give you the tools needed to recognize and optimize the rare and magical opportunity of finding one of these unicorns.
In this session, Kathleen will discuss:
• Fundamentals of Founders and Visionaries
• Understanding Founders, Visionaries and Unicorns
• Four Critical Leadership Choices when working with Founders and Visionaries
• Magical Benefits of Founders and Visionaries

Kathleen will help you to bridge the gap to understanding these unique opportunities and the amazing benefits for leaders and businesses!


Bold Leadership – Go Big or Go Home

Our world has a leadership deficit and now is the time to go big or go home. Bold leaders are trailblazing the future today by employing ground---breaking methods for transforming culture, market leadership and profits. 

If you are looking to ignite powerful transformation within in your business or team Bold Leadership is the one keynote is essential for accelerating people, performance and profits. Bold Leadership is not an idea, concept or philosophy it is THE critical transformational platform for leaders to be successful today and into tomorrow! 

Are you ready to declare your independence from outdated leadership philosophies? Are you ready for your leaders to step up? Are you ready to do what it takes to standup and standout in your marketplace?
This session goes boldly where no other session has ever gone;
• Why Our World Needs Bold Leadership
• Bold Leadership in “Hyperconvergent” Marketplace
• The Secret Power of Clarity and Alignment
• VII) Putting Your Bold Leadership into Action

Bold Leadership is a game-changer and the time is now to ensure you and your company can accelerate to the win locally and build nationally!


The One-Page Business Plan - Your Roadmap to Success

Is your business plan the beacon of your business growth? This results oriented keynote with Kathleen Wood delivers the tools paramount to plan for your organization’s success. Your One-Page Business Plan is the single most crucial piece of paper for your business!

Kathleen Wood has an impeccable track-record of helping businesses turn around to enjoy growth and profitability they never would have otherwise achieved.

By following her Success on One-Page formula one of her clients recovered from the verge of financial disaster to become a profitable business in 12 months! It only took 90 days for one of Kathleen’s start-up clients to leverage One-Page Planning to see measurable increased profits!

In her captivating style Kathleen will share the secrets on to how a simple, agreed upon plan unites your team, improves their performance and instills ownership and accountability critical to your team success!
You will learn:
• Why PLAN is a good four letter word
• How to effectively develop One-Page Plans
• How and why to apply One-Page Plans
• How to leverage your One-Page Plans for Results Oriented Planning
The essential tools your team will walk away with are One Page Planning templates used for:
• Business Growth
• Business Strategies
• Innovation
Your audience will leave with the understanding of why you need a plan, how to make one and the ability to create a successful one page business plan.


It’s Who You Know – How to Build a Multi-Million Business Network!

There is no better time than now to learn how to quickly grow and leverage your business network! The immediate impact a deep and wide network can have on your professional and personal life is immeasurable! Knowing the right people in the right places at the right times can mean the difference between moderate and ethereal success!

In this keynote Kathleen Wood, a master growth strategist, will share her proven, practical techniques for building a prolific professional and personal network. Kathleen will show you why a powerful network is a business asset as valuable as the product or service your business offers.
You will learn:
• The five pillars of an effective network
• Techniques for successful networking in any business scenario
• Understanding the nuanced balance between networking and politics
• Social media networking secrets

It is often said your network is seen as your net worth. Increase your network = increase your net worth!! Audience members will leave with an effective model for growing a multi-million dollar network that will catapult your business.


BYOB – Build Your OUTstanding Brand!
How to Compete and Win in Today’s Marketplace

How do you compete in a world of non-stop social media bombardment? How do you compete against big corporate budgets with your small business? How in the sea of sameness you differentiate your brand and build your business? If you are growing a business, own a business or leading a business increasing your share of stomach/market is about being the best and forgetting the rest.

This keynote will serve as a catalyst to accelerate your brand and business. Kathleen Wood delivers practical and proven techniques for making your brand/business stand out from all the competition. One of the most recognized growth strategists, Kathleen will provide groundbreaking methods to develop a plan of attack to insure your brand and business WIN!
You will learn:
• The five must have ingredients to set your brand/business up for success
• Power connections with your Customers
• How to be THE leading band, not just the brand.
• How to build your plan of attack to be OUTstanding!

It’s not all about the big beating the small it’s about the small and growing and out positioning the big. The time is now for your brand and business to be win in the marketplace!

Audience members will benefit by leaving with an action plan that will work!


Plug into Your Business GPS!

Do you feel like your business often loses track of the breadcrumbs that lead to success? Plug Into Your Business GPS will provide a unique lens on techniques to grow your business, generate greater value to your company and navigate successfully in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace! It’s time to upgrade the tools your organization uses to navigate today’s dynamic business landscape.
This interactive keynote will deliver practical, meaningful solutions for you to hone your own navigation skills for your business.

Now is the time to:
• Learn how to identify your target destination
• Obtain the devices needed to get there efficiently and effectively
• Acquire the methodology for finding the right path at the right moment can anticipate roadblocks and adjust accordingly before you arrive at them, you will stay ahead of your competition.

Successful businesses know their destination and how to get there. They have a plan with successful, effective methods to overcome obstacles along the way. Admired organizations are prepared to conquer the inevitable challenges that separate them from their competition. They don’t leave the path to their destination in the hands of chance. Get your GPS out. Recalibrate your business GPS roadmap to destination: SUCCESS!
Lead the way.