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High Productivity Teams: AchIeving Operational Success

People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses. Some may say this is new news and others will say this has always been true. According to Gallup’s 2015 engagement survey, only 33% of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs. In 2015, Millennials became the largest generation in the US workforce and yet only 28% are currently ‘engaged’ in the workforce. Otherwise said, almost 70% of the workforce is NOT engaged in the workplace. 

With those levels of engagement, how do you increase productivity?  How do gain operational efficiency?  How do you rally your team to do more with less? In today’s competitive marketplace, team productivity is one area of the business that still has unlimited opportunities for innovation.

If you are tired of the statistics, frustrated by the lack of productivity and looking for a new engine to drive team productivity, this is one keynote essential for connecting people, productivity and profits. High Productivity Teams is not an idea, concept or philosophy it is THE platform for leaders to lead their teams to new levels of productivity and profitability.

Are you ready to build your business with positive and productive team members?  Are you ready to accelerate your team’s success? Are you ready to engage more than 30% of your workforce?  Are you ready to do what it takes to stand up and stand out in your marketplace?

This keynote goes where no other speaker has ever gone:

  • Create powerful teams, at any level of your organization, without traditional “teambuilding” activities.
  • Turn your existing operations team into a dream team of productivity.
  • Learn the six most powerful steps for creating productive teams.
  • Create a sustainable return on your team’s productivity to increase operational excellence and bottom line results.

High Productivity Teams is a game-changer!  The time is now to engage your team to positively achieve greatness for your business today and tomorrow!

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B.O.L.D. Leadership:
Why It’s Good to Be Crazy

Our world has a leadership deficit, and now is the time to fill it. B.O.L.D. leaders are entrepreneurs and franchisees trailblazing the future through ground breaking leadership. For over 20 years, Kathleen Wood has been a trusted advisor to hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders.  In her practice, she has been able to identify four key characteristics that separated leaders who had big dreams and leaders who transformed their dreams to reality.

B.O.L.D. has two meanings.  First, it represents the four key characteristics of leadership necessary to build a successful business.  Second, B.O.L.D. leadership is a rallying cry for a new generation of leaders to rise up and boldly lead their businesses with courage and conviction.

Are you ready to declare your independence from outdated leadership philosophies? Are you ready for your leaders to take charge and break through the sea of sameness? Are you ready to do what it takes to stand up and stand out in your marketplace?

This session:

  • Why Crazy Is the New Good!
  • Why B.O.L.D Leadership is a Game-Changer.
  • B.O.L.D.  Leadership in a “Hyperconvergent” Marketplace.
  • The Secret Power of Clarity and Alignment.
  • Putting Your B.O.L.D. Leadership into Action.

B.O.L.D. Leadership is a game changer. Some may call B.O.L.D. leaders crazy and they will be right - crazy enough to change the world.


Brand Optimization for SUccess

How do you compete in a world of nonstop social media bombardment? How do you compete against big corporate budgets with your small business? How, in the sea of sameness, can you differentiate your brand and build your business? If you are growing a business, leading a business, or own a business, increasing your marketshare is all about being the best and forgetting the rest.

This keynote is a catalyst to accelerate your brand and business. It delivers practical and proven techniques for making your brand/business stand out from the competition. One of the most recognized growth strategists, Kathleen Wood will provide groundbreaking methods to develop a plan of attack to ensure your brand and business win!

You will leave this keynote a blueprint to optimize your brand through having:

  • The five must have ingredients to set your brand/business up for success.
  • Identify power connections with your customers.
  • How to be the leading brand, not just the brand.
  • How to build your plan of attack to be OUTstanding.

It’s not all about the big beating the small. It’s about the small growing and out-positioning the big. The time is now for your brand and business to win in the marketplace.