Organizational Pillars PROGRAM

Organizational Pillars capture what you believe, what you value and why it is important to you and your business.  The program delivers what we call "the house." The "house" capture what is most important to you, your team and your customers. Think about it like this you would not build your house on a shaky foundation - why would you build your business on one?  

Kathleen Wood Partners has designed a unique methodology to build your "house" in a ONE or TWO DAY format depending on the size of your team.  It is a proven process to deliver high impact results that are unique and specific to you, your business and your team.

1) Our Core Values

2) Non-Negotiable

3) Guiding Principles

4) Our Mission Statement

5) Our Vision Statement

6) Outline Cultural Framework

Many companies say they have all of this information and several post it for everyone to see.  The question is how many of them are living and leading by what is posted? The Organizational Pillars Program is about building a strong foundation to live and and lead your business for successful growth.  There is no need to post anything when you live it everyday! 


Sometimes we don't need a day or a group to address our most pressing issues. Sometimes we just need some time.  

Kathleen Wood posts her personal schedule so you can schedule one-on-one time via the phone to connect in person.  

Kathleen offers three-ways to invest a little time for big results:

1) Customize - It's your time - it's your topic - it's your opportunity.      Schedule as much or as little time you need.  Also, schedule           your time with any level of frequency within the time available.  

2) Six Pack - Sign up for six - one hour sessions for one of the following topics: 

      - Leadership Path - chart a new course for your success

      - Business Consulting - focus on making a shift for success

  Six Packs work best when the move fast and stay focused.             All six packs are completed with in six weeks or less. 

Executive Consulting is perfect for refreshing, renewing and re-energizing. It is one investment we are confident you will get a positive return. You are one phone call away from making a positive impact in your life and business!