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Release date October 15, 2021


  • Founderology is a direct and insightful real-life guide for Employees to gain insights, resources, and best practices to:


    Find Your Sanity – Never before shared insights on Founder’s DNA instead of thinking you
    (or they) are crazy. 
    Embrace Your Journey – Learn best practices for thriving, growing, and succeeding with any Boss in any workplace.
    Love Your Journey – Utilize real world solutions to put your career on the fast track
    with your Boss.




    The Best Practices to Succeed with

    Any Boss in Any Workplace.

    Founder redefined to capture Founders, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Business Owners, Owner-Operators, Franchisors,

    and Franchisee led businesses.

    It’s a title that encapsulates any Boss with an entrepreneurial mindset in any workplace.

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