Don’t Just Speak. Be Heard. Effective Communication for Women

“I say something and nobody hears it. Someone else in the meeting says the same thing, and everyone hears it.” Sound familiar? You’re not alone. The greatest speakers in the world command attention. And it’s not because of what they say. It’s because of how they say it.  Kathleen will share with you proven techniques to support you in turning up your communication power in your meetings, presentations, discussions, negotiations, conflict resolution and everyday business.

In this fast-paced and high-energy session you’ll learn practical steps to put power behind your voice and start commanding the attention your contributions deserve.

1) Learn effective communication techniques to improve workplace productivity.

2) Identify your communication style and learn how to leverage your style in business situations.

3) Take actions to amplify your personal communication power.

4) How to avoid self-sabotage through easy speaking reminders.

5) Gain specific key takeaways that can improve your personal connectivity.

 If you want to shift your leadership and results to a whole new level – this is session is guaranteed to power up your voice and your career today!

GPS One-Page Plan: Your Map for Success

Is your business plan the beacon of your business growth? In this results-oriented workshop Kathleen Wood delivers the tools paramount to get your business moving in the best direction for success. Your GPS (Guide for Profitable Success) One-Page Plan is the single most crucial piece of paper for your business. 

Kathleen has an impeccable track record of helping entrepreneurs and business owners accelerate their growth and profitability using her One-Page Plan for growth. By following her, "Success on One-Page" formula, one of her clients recovered from the verge of financial disaster to become a profitable business in 12 months! It took only 90 days for one of Kathleen’s start-up clients to leverage the GPS One-Page Plan to see measurable increased profits!

In her captivating style, Kathleen will share the secrets on how a simple, agreed-upon GPS One-Page Plan unites your team, improves their performance and instills ownership & accountability critical to your team success.

You will learn:

  • Why plan is a good four-letter word

  • How to effectively develop a One-Page Plan

  • Accelerating results with a One-Page Plan

The GPS One-Page Plan workshops include templates for:

  • Business growth

  • Operational excellence

  • Innovative business development

The GPS One-Page Plan is the most important piece of paper any business leader will ever have for growth and success!