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Do It Yourself Business Tools

Our “Start Strong” is the program for you, because the best place to Start is at the beginning. This set of "do it yourself" tools is perfect if you are looking, starting, or have started your business.
The Best Way to START a Successful Business is to Prepare to Be Successful!
Do you have a big picture idea and want tools to bring it to reality?
Team Brainstorm
START tools are built for next gen businesses.
KWP START Tools focus on what matters most when STARTing a business. 
The Five E's of Entrepreneur Success Tools focus specifically on:
  1. The Power of Excitement 
  2. Excel at Financial Visibility 
  3. Engage Your People 
  4. Execute Plans for Success
  5. Evaluate Your Performance 


KWP’s Five E’s of Entrepreneur of Success Assessment™

Leverage the next gen assessment that focuses on what matters most when starting a business.  

Quickly Identify Your Priorities to START Your Business! 


KWP's Five E’s of Entrepreneur Success ™ Workbook

Capture the best practices that KWP has utilized with hundreds of successful businesses. 

Develop Your Roadmap to START Your Business!

 Assessment +   Workbook  

KWP's Five E’s of Entrepreneur Success Assessment and Workbook

Leverage the best of both START tools with this cost-effective combination of the KWP Five E’s of Entrepreneur Success Assessment and Workbook. 
You can prevent failure by using KWP’s Five E’s Entrepreneur of Success Proactively plan for your success.  

Whether you take the assessment, complete the workbook, or do both; you will: 

Identify your blindspots so you can address them proactively.


Develop your action plan to focus on what matters most with your business.


Prevent hours of

heart burn, stress, and anxiety from uncertainty.


Productively plan

for your sanity and success! 

Get fired up to start your Five E’s of Entrepreneur Success and START  your path to success. This is one small step for you and one giant leap for your business idea or start up! 
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