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Business Accelerator       Masterminds
Are you determined to propel your business to new heights?
Do you crave real-life, proven strategies for maximizing productivity and profitability?
We have an exclusive opportunity for you!

Introducing the Founder’s Growth Forum, hosted by

award-winning restauranteur

James Bonanno of Tap Room and renowned growth expert Kathleen Wood of Kathleen Wood Partners.

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built for Connectivity, Collaboration and Community!

A six-month, invitation-only program designed to bring together visionary Founders like yourself. This extraordinary initiative is your gateway to learning, exchanging insights,

and turbocharging your business.


why should you join a kwp mastermind!

Community of Collaborators

You immediately join a community of like-minded collaborators all focused on accelerating their path for success. 

Accelerated Learning Curve

Learn from others that have been there and done it. We learn more together in facilitated problem solving.  

Ecosystem of Ideas, Feedback and Perspectives

Other like-minded leaders in your collaborative give you new ideas, perspectives and feedback for your personal growth and success. 

Energy to Keep You Moving Forward

Be inspired by others to move forward, and to find the next level in your power to go and grow. 

Performance Accountability

Your collaborators will support you by keeping you accountable to your goals and path for success.


Now, here's the best part:
For only $1,000 per month, you'll gain access to an unparalleled consulting value of nearly $100,000 (James Bonanno can confirm this).

But hurry, spaces are limited to just 15 participants! Be among the first 3 to join, and you'll enjoy a special bonus offer of $500 per month.

Make no mistake
this program is the ultimate investment in your business success this year. The time to accelerate your growth is now, and with just one click, you can embark on this extraordinary journey.

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Join KWP Business Accelerator Masterminds

Today and Collaborate

to Be Your Best Self and Best Business! 

Sign up for KWP Business Accelerator Masterminds Today and

Collaborate to Be Your Best Self and Best Business! 

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